Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a day should I use WheatFIX Burn Spray on a burn?

Once a day application of WheatFIX Burn Spray is usually enough to ease or eliminate pain, but you can apply the burn spray as often as you like. If there is no pain, then once a day is sufficient to reduce inflammation and heal the burn. In many cases the burn spray eases pain very quickly, but may have to be applied from time to time to eliminate it altogether in the first 24 hours.

How should I treat a minor burn or scald?

Spray some WheatFIX Burn Spray over the whole burn area as soon as possible. Do not apply cold water as this will only slow the healing process. If pain persists, continue spraying every hour or so or as required. Generally, the spray stops the pain within 24 hours, but sometimes can be almost instantaneous.

If the burn is severe, apply the Burn Spray immediately then go to the nearest hospital Emergency Department or call an ambulance. Using the burn spray immediately after the burn could significantly reduce the amount of damage done to the burn-damaged tissue.

Is it safe to use WheatFIX Burn Spray for oral burns?

Yes. WheatFIX Burn Spray, being derived from edible wheatgrass sprouts, is safe for oral use and can be safely swallowed. Usually one spray is enough to ease the pain of most burns, but can be used more frequently if necessary.

Is WheatFIX Burn Spray gluten free?

Yes. Absolutely.

Where can I buy WheatFIX Burn Spray?

Many shops sell our WheatFIX Burn Spray. Please go to our Store Locator to find your nearest shop.

I have an allergy to wheat, is wheatgrass safe for me to use?

In most cases, yes.

Wheat allergies are usually due to gluten which comes from the actual wheat seed. Our wheatgrass extract is produced from young, vital wheatgrass sprouts before the new wheat seed is formed. Therefore, Dr Wheatgrass Supershots contain no gluten.
Please note: If you are concerned about wheat allergies, we recommend you consult your doctor/allergist.

Where can I find more information on wheatgrass for burns?

Please go to this link (offsite). Dr. Chris Reynolds, a medical practitioner, recognised the healing effects of wheatgrass on second-degree burns and had the vision to develop Wheatfix Burn Spray.

Please tell me about wheatgrass healing.

The history of wheatgrass healing goes back thousands of years. More recently, in the 1930’s in the United States, there was substantial scientific research into the ‘Grass Juice Factor’ and other therapeutic and nutritional properties of cereal grasses. Please visit this website for a comprehensive view of what, how and why wheatgrass heals.

Does WheatFIX Burn Spray stop pain and help heal radiotherapy burns?

Yes. The wheatgrass extract in WheatFIX Burn Spray helps relieve pain and inflammation and hastens skin recovery. This aids radiotherapy treatment because it helps reduce the time gap between treatments.

Please view this case (offsite) showing rapid healing of severe radiotherapy burns by wheatgrass extract.