Restaurant Kitchen Hand “I went to pick up a few pans that i was told to clean at work, no one told me that the pan handles were still really hot so I grabbed them and burnt a few fingers and my palm. Thankfully my work had a bottle of Wheatfix spray and i used it. After a few minutes the burning stopped and there was no blistering the next morning.” J. W Australia. 23 March 2016
“I burn my fingers a lot while cooking so I tried it last week. It worked really well. :)” G. J. USA. 21 March, 2016
“I used wheatfix burn spray on a bad burn that I obtained from steam from my kettle. This burn was located on the softpart of my lower arm, and it immediately turned red and swollen. I was in a lot of pain. I remembered my husband telling me about the burn spray, so I immediately sprayed the affected area. Within seconds the pain disappeared, I was so amazed!! The following morning I was once again amazed to find the burn had totally disappeared. I have told numerous people about this incident, and they also couldn’t believe how the burn had totally gone, without leaving a mark. I fully endorse this product, and have recommended it to my family and friends. Yours sincerely.” J. W Australia. 23 March 2016
Radiation burns heal quickly on pet spaniel’s snout.
“My Springer spaniel Pluto had radiation therapy for a cancerous tumour in his nose. I used the burn spray and recovery cream. These are the results. You can see that it healed the wound so quickly, I was so happy with the results. I also gave him the quick Supershots, added to his food. I would totally recommend this product. I have the whole range now lol. You can use Pluto’s story to help other pet owners. Thank you, I can’t tell you how much that cream helped. We were beginning to think we had done the wrong thing by him in having the radiation. He was so miserable and uncomfortable. The cream the hospital gave us wasn’t doing anything but the wheatgrass cleared it up within a week! Amazing stuff!” V. A. Australia. 3 March 2016
“I love this spray!!! It works incredibly well on insect bites, allergies and dry skin too! I know this from experience!!! Fantastic stuff!!” J.G. Australia 15 February, 2016
“Lucky i carry it eveywhere i go.” D. B. Australia. 15 February, 2016
Bluebottle Jellyfish Sting
Fig. 1. Bluebottle (jellyfish) sting from under the bell (head). Wheatgrass spray applied. Fig. 2. 1 hour and 15 minutes later wound is pain-free and rash barely visible. Fig. 3. Abdominal stings from jellyfish tentacles. Wheatgrass spray applied. Fig. 4. 30 minutes later, no pain, no visible rash.
The Victim’s Wife Reports “Gary sprayed the (Wheatfix) burn spray on his bluebottle sting at 6.30pm ish. His severe lower back pain (side-effect of sting) settled down within 20 minutes. The sting welt on his leg (that was the full body of the bluebottle not just the tentacle) had settled down by 90% within 1 hour and 15 mins. The ones on his stomach had fully gone within 30 mins. We sprayed on all areas twice.” H.S. Australia 26 Jan 2016
“I have the burn spray which I bought from the pharmacy where I work, it is fantastic and I sprayed it on my forehead and back of neck whilst I had a headache, it eliminated the need for pain relief medication.” C. C. Australia. 14 January, 2016
“I have recently bought the burn spray for my medicine kit- and I have used it on sunburn. Love it!!!” A. A. Australia. 9 January, 2016
“Previously we have used your Burn Spray, which I have personally found to be wonderfully soothing on sunburn.” L. T. Australia. 7 January, 2016
“I burnt my left hand taking a really hot ceramic oven safe plate out of the oven. I sprayed WheatFIX straight away and my skin was perfect after 2 hours. It was a pretty bad accident when I grabbed the hot plate forgetting it just came out of oven. It was so hot that I had to drop the plate. My husband was really worried and told me to put my hand under cold water but I refused and sprayed 3 times in about 30 mins with the Wheatfix. It was amazing there was no redness, no pain no blister after spraying.” S. K. Australia. 15 December, 2015
“Just wanted to let you know my experience on Melbourne Cup day this year. Thought give a miss on watching TV for a change and we went for walk at the beach. We walked about 2 hours along beautiful Sunshine coast beaches. I put sunblock cream all over except behind my neck. I had my hair out so I didn’t worry. But as it was getting hot I tied my hair up and kept walking. When I got home my husband saw me and said you got burnt! It was only on my left shoulder to behind my neck that I didn’t realize. Then started to get painful at night. I sprayed Wheatfix Burn Spray a couple of times. It was really red but the pain was gone and I could have shower on my shoulder and next day wearing the shirt didn’t cause any agony. It was still red for a couple of days but pain was gone in an hour and skin did not peel at all. Usually my skin goes from red to brown and peels. Everyone should keep this spray in their first aid kit! Thank you.
Here is the photo of my shoulder how bad it was.” Y. L. Australia. 26 November, 2015
“My husband is an avid user of the burn spray because as a motor mechanic he often burns himself on things like hot starter motors. He is amazed that if he sprays it straight away, there is no sign of a burn or blister the day after.” L. S. Australia. 25 November, 2015
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